MileOn includes customizable settings that help ensure the app generates the best routes based on your vehicle type and routing preferences. You can also customize weather alerts and set the cost per mile used in reports. 

Changing the Settings

Select the Settings option from the MileOn menu. You can pull up the menu by tapping the three bars in the upper-left corner of the Plan screen or by swiping right on the screen. 

The Settings that can be edited include:

  • Truck Routing Profile
  • Routing Preferences
  • Governor Speed
  • Weather Alerts (Premium only)
  • Cost Per Mile, which is used to calculate estimated costs after you run a route. 
  • Display HOS Prompt: When switched on (green), you will be prompted to enter your Hours of Service before a trip is generated. 
  • Display CoPilot Prompt: When switched on (green), you will be prompted to launch CoPilot to navigate the route planned in MileOn. (CoPilot must be installed on the same device.)
  • International Borders Open: Switching this setting "on" (green) allows MileOn to generate domestic routes—routes that begin and end in the same country—that cross international borders. Switch it "off" and MileOn will avoid border crossings, even if it results in a longer route. If a stop is located in another country, MileOn will route you there, regardless of this setting.
  • Units: Set distance units to U.S. Customary or Metric and set currency to U.S. or Canadian dollars.