Choose whether or not MileOn should display Weather Alerts when generating a route. (Premium only)

Enable Weather Alerts

Tap the hamburger menu at the top of the screen and then select Settings.

Scroll down to Weather Alerts and toggle the setting to On.

In the Alerts menu, tap the box adjacent to each alert to select the ones you'd like to receive.

Turn Off Weather Alerts

To turn off any specific alert, follow the steps above to get to the Alerts menu and deselect the alert that you no longer want to receive. To stop all Weather Alerts, turn the setting to Off.

View Weather Alerts

If there is a weather alert along your route, you will see an alert on the Plan screen after your trip is calculated. Tap on the alert to view it on the map. Alerts appear as colored geographic areas on the map. Tap an area for more information about the alert.