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Add Stops

Generate a Trip

Each time the MileOn app is launched, it will land on the Plan screen.  This is where the basic itinerary is plugged in—the trip origin, destination, and any stops in between—so that MileOn can go to work and plan the best route for the trip. 

If you tap Add Stop, the Search screen will open. From the search screen you can:

  1. Search for a specific location by typing in an address.
  2. Search for Places, such as a Truck Stop or a Weigh Station, by tapping on an icon.
  3. Select a recently found location or one of your favorite locations to add as a stop. 

Once you have selected a stop, it will be shown on the map in the Stop Details screen. Swipe up at the bar to bring up a tray in which to enter all of the details of that location:

  1. Select a Stop Type of Pickup, Delivery, Fuel, Break or Other (i.e. Fuel stops).
  2. Enter the Date & Time of the Stop Type you picked, or enter a Break Duration for a Break. 
  3. Add the Dwell Time, or the amount of time required to wait or stay at the stop.   
  4. Type in the Phone number for a contact at the stop.

Once all the information has been entered, tap Save to add this stop to your route plan. You can also tap the heart icon (Add Favorite) to save this particular stop for use in future trips. 

Generate a Trip

Every time you add a stop, you will return to the Plan screen, where you can tap Add Stop to add more stops on your route (max 40 per trip.)

Once you have all of your stops entered, you can customize your route:

Finally, tap Create Trip to generate your route. The stops on the route will be in the same order as you entered them. MileOn will automatically insert recommended breaks when needed. (Premium only). 

You're now ready to start your trip.