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Add Stops

Generate a Trip

When MileOn is launched, you will be brought to the Plan screen in the app.

Add Stops

On the Plan screen, you can add stops to create a trip. Tap Add Stop to get started. Stops can be added multiple ways:

  1. Type the address into the Search bar.
  2. Pick from nearby Places including Truck Stops and Weigh Stations.
  3. Select one of your Favorite locations. 
  4. Select a recently visited location. 

Once you have selected a stop, it will be shown on the map in the Stop Details screen.  

Scroll down to enter more information about the stop. For each stop, you can:

  1. Choose the type of Stop: Pickup, Delivery, Break or Other. (Other is often used for fuel stops, for example.)
  2. Enter the Date and Time you will make the Pickup or Delivery or enter the Break Duration for a Break. 
  3. Enter a Dwell Time for how long you will be at the stop. 
  4. Enter a Phone Number.
  5. Tap Add Favorite to save the stop for future route planning. 

Tap Add Stop when finished to add the stop to your planned route. 

Generate a Trip

Every time you add a stop, you will return to the Plan screen, where you can tap Add Stop to add more stops on your route. (MileOn has a limit of 40 stops per trip.)

Once you have all of your stops entered, you can customize your route by:

Finally, tap Create Trip to generate your route. MileOn will insert recommended breaks. (Premium only)

You're now ready to start your trip.