After a trip is created, you're given an option to view the trip and turn-by-turn driving directions on the map. Starting with MileOn 1.9, if the CoPilot GPS app is installed on the same device, you can also receive voice-guided navigation for your planned trip via CoPilot.

  1. Tap the (map) icon at the bottom of the Plan screen. 
  2. The Trip Overview screen will pop up, where you can view the entire Trip. 
  3. Zoom in to your current location by tapping the target; zoom out to the entire route by pressing the arrows .


Select Map Overlays to see traffic, weather radar or alerts, and Places on the map. Map Styles provides options to change the look of the map, from Day to Night, or Satellite view. Here, we have chosen the Day view, with Traffic and Weather Radar.

View Directions 

Tap the bar  at the bottom of the map to pull up turn-by-turn directions. Tap it again to hide directions and return to the map.

Start Your Trip 

Tap on Depart to begin your trip.

While MileOn shows where you are going, it does not navigate.  However, all newer versions of MileOn (1.9 and higher) do support the use of the CoPilot GPS app installed on the same device to navigate their planned trips with CoPilot. The CoPilot app can be download via Google Play or the Apple App Store. It includes 14 days of free voice-guided offline navigation, route planning and real-time traffic. Try the app without any commitment; if you like it, you can subscribe at any time.

If CoPilot is installed on your device, you'll be asked to continue either with or without navigation.

  • Navigate with CoPilot will launch the CoPilot app and navigate your trip to the first stop.  After arrival, you will then need to log back in to MileOn, retrieve your route, then continue navigation from the 2nd stop.
  • Continue without Navigation will open MileOn in the Follow Me mode. As you drive, you can watch your progress—you’re the blue dot moving along the route.

Tap on Depart to begin your trip.