When used, the Hours of Service (HOS) feature will help you plan a trip that complies with 60/7 or 70/8 U.S. Federal Long Haul regulations. (Premium only)  Enter the available hours into MileOn before creating a new trip.

How to Use HOS Settings

1. Tap the clock icon at the bottom of the Plan screen.

2. Make sure the Hours of Service toggle button in the top right corner of the screen is turned on.

3. Choose a Hours of Service Rule Type (60/7 or 70/8) to select your company's schedule. 

4. Tap each category—Break, Driving, On Duty Time, and Cycle—and enter the hours in the Set Time Interval screen.

5. If you need to start over, you can reset all categories; return to the Hours of Service screen and tap Reset to Default.

Cycle time gains

The Cycle time gains feature allows you to maintain a continuously rolling weekly log of your On Duty Hours. The log displays a 6-day or 7-day week, depending on the schedule you choose in the Hours of Service screen. (Step 3 above.) 

The hours entered here will impact MileOn's calculations of your available Hours of Service. For the most accurate results, you must update the log daily. Otherwise, you can disable the Cycle time gains feature by tapping the toggle button at the top of the screen.