Welcome to MileOn!

MileOn by PC*MILER  is a powerful trip planning app that professional drivers can use to map out the most practical routes, view real-time weather conditions, schedule hours of service (HOS) breaks and choose the best rest stops—all while staying DOT compliant.

That's a fancy way of saying MileOn can save you time and money by making all of your stops on schedule.

It’s also simple to use. In fact, we believe you can quickly become a MileOn expert—a “MileOn-er” as we like to say—by completing the guided tour below. The tour walks you through how to create a new trip with HOS breaks, showing you the ways most drivers use the app on a daily basis. 

If you have already downloaded MileOn—great!—see if you can follow along on your device. If you haven't downloaded MileOn, we hope you'll read on and decide to give it a spin. 

In This Tour:

Stop 1: Get Started

Stop 2: Find Stops 

Stop 3: Add Stops

Stop 4: Factor in HOS

Stop 5: Pick Trip Settings

Stop 6: Create a Trip

Stop 7: Review Our Trip

Stop 8: Hit the Road

Stop 9: Share with Other MileOn-ers

Stop 10: Next Steps

NOTE: Many features covered in the tour are only available with a Premium (paid) subscription. See the difference between Basic (free) and Premium.

Stop 1: Get Started

If you have not yet downloaded the app and created an account, everything you need to know is here

To start any trip in MileOn, you’ll first want to make sure your Settings are in order. These settings help MileOn select the best route for you and your type of vehicle.

To get to Settings, tap the hamburger menu > . In this menu you can:

  1. Select your vehicle type, under Truck Routing Profile.
  2. Select whether you want to take the most Practical, Shortest or Fastest route, under Routing Preferences.
  3. Enter your Cost Per Mile, for cost calculations. 
  4. Choose whether to Enable weather alerts on the map. 

For this tour, we're going to stick with all of the default settings—a 53-foot Trailer or Twins taking a Practical route at a cost of $1.65 a mile. For now, we'll leave off weather alerts.

TIP: If you're not sure which route type is best, run the trip as a Practical route, and then go back and run it again as a Shortest or a Fastest route to compare. TIP TIP: Run the trip in MileOn or you will be really tired.

Stop 2: Find Stops

When you're done entering your Settings, tap Plan at the top of the Settings screen to return to the Plan screen. The Plan screen is your starting point each time you open MileOn. It's where you plug in your basic itinerary—origin, destination and any stops in between—so that MileOn can go to work planning the best route. 

For this tour, we’re going to plan a trip from our Current Location of 1 Independence Way in Princeton, N.J., where the good people who created MileOn are located, to an address in downtown Miami. If you're following along on your MileOn app, you will have a different starting point. (Unless ... wait ... are you here?)

TIP: You don't have to use your current location as the starting point, you can change it just as you can change any other stop.

If you tap either Add Stop or Current Location, you'll be brought to the Search screen. Search allows you to:

  1. Search for a specific location by typing in an address.
  2. Search for Places such as a Truck Stop or a Weigh Station by tapping an icon.
  3. Select a recently found location or one of your favorite locations to add as a stop. 

We'll type in "601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL". You'll notice that as you type, MileOn quickly tries to find a matching location. Once it has found your match, tap it to open the Stop Details screen. 

Stop 3: Add Stops

On the Stop Details screen, you'll see a map of the location you just entered. Swipe up at the bar to bring up a tray where you can enter all of the details that will help make your trip a success:

  1. A Stop Type—Pickup, Delivery, Fuel, Break or Other. We'll select Delivery for this trip to Miami. (If you want this stop to be factored into MileOn's HOS calculations, which are described below, you must choose Break.)
  2. Date & Time when you hope to make the Pickup or Delivery. This is to ensure that when you tap Create Trip, you can make your pick up or delivery on time. We'll pick 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 6.
  3. The Dwell Time for how long you will be at the stop. It's OK if you don't know this, but it's helpful for ETA calculations if you do. For this tour, we'll select 30 minutes
  4. Phone number for a contact at the stop. We don't need this for the tour, but maybe enter your parents' number so you remember to call them.

Once you've entered all of your information, tap Add Stop to add the stop to your route plan. You can also tap Add Favorite to save the stop for use in future trips. 

Stop 4: Factor in HOS

Before we tap Create Trip, let's enter our available driving hours into MileOn by tapping on the clock icon  at the bottom of the trip "card." We call it a card because you can open up to 10 trips (cards) in MileOn at a time by tapping the large button at the top of the Plan screen. 

To use the HOS settings:

  1. Make sure the toggle button at the top right is turned on.
  2. Choose your rule type. We'll select 60/7 Federal Long Haul
  3. Enter your hours. We'll start with full hours.

Once you get the hang of it, you can also keep a running daily tally by turning on the cycle time gains feature. 

Stop 5: Pick Trip Settings

We'll return to the Plan screen, by tapping on the back arrow at the top of the Hours of Service screen. 

Back in the Plan screen, we'll select some final Trip Settings by tapping the gear  button. Here, we can decide whether our route should Avoid Tolls or obey any Hazmat restrictions. On this trip to Miami, we won't use either of these settings, but we will bring sunscreen. 

Stop 6: Create a Trip

Now that we have all of our Settings in place, it's time to tap Create Trip. This is where the MileOn magic happens. (Actually, it's just a really smart, HOS-aware computer routing algorithm, but "magic" sounds better.)

We haven't entered any of our own break stops, so MileOn inserts suggested 30-minute and 10-hour break stops right in the route. Voila!

TIP: MileOn is designed to optimize a route based on the current time when you tap Create Trip. That is, the Date & Time you enter under Stop Details will be compared with the current time to see whether you can arrive on schedule. If you're planning a future trip, you can generate the route but MileOn will still optimize based on a current time departure, rather than backwards from the future delivery window.

If you don’t like the location of a break stop MileOn has suggested:

  • Tap on it.
  • Choose an alternative from the MileOn database by swiping left. Each of the thousands of rest stops in the MileOn database includes details such as amenities and contact information. 
  • Tap Save to insert the new stop into your trip.

You can also add your own rest stops and delete MileOn's suggested stops altogether. (Don't worry, you won't hurt MileOn's feelings.) MileOn is, however, very precise in its HOS time calculations. We suggested you:

  • Insert your new rest stop anytime BEFORE MileOn's suggested stop.
  • Then delete MileOn's stop. 

For this tour, however, we'll accept all of MileOn's suggested stops. 

Stop 7: Review Our Trip

Back on the Plan screen, you'll see the total cost of the trip, total tolls, total time and total miles at bottom of your trip card. Tap the mileage total to open a screen that shows a state mileage breakdown. 

With our planning essentially complete, you can tap the map  button to see a Trip Overview on the map. 

On the map, you can tap the settings buttons to make adjustments. You can choose to see Map Overlays traffic, weather radar, alerts, and Places on the map. You can also pick Map Styles to change the look of the map to a day, night, or satellite view. Here, we have chosen to Day view with the Traffic and the Weather Radar

In the Trip Overview (map) screen, you can also tap the bar   to bring up turn-by-turn written directions.

Stop 8: Hit the Road

We're now ready to drive the trip! (Or pretend to drive, at least, for this tour.) You can zoom in on your current location by tapping , and press Start to start the clock on your trip. At this point, MileOn is in Follow Me mode. As you drive, you can watch your progress—you’re the blue dot moving along the route.  

TIP: While MileOn shows where you are going, it does not provide guided navigation. For that, we offer CoPilot Truck, which is also available in app stores. 

Your ETA and the total time it will take to drive to the next stop from your current location is displayed at the bottom of the Follow Me screen, along with the total distance from your current location to the next stop. On the road:

  • When you arrive at a stop, you’ll tap Arrived to update your trip.  
  • When you depart the stop you’ll once again hit Start, and follow that process from stop to stop until you arrive at your destination. 
  • When you’ve completed your trip by arriving at the final stop, tap Arrived. MileOn will acknowledge the end of your journey and save your trip in the Past Trips section in the main menu for reference. 

Stop 9: Share with Other MileOn-ers

With MileOn, we want to create a community of drivers who share information with each other.

Each rest stop in the MileOn database can include parking information and reviews. We say "can include" because this information is crowd-sourced from submissions by helpful MileOn users. The more information, the better. (You didn't know we'd give you homework, did you?) 

Tap the P icon to enter or view parking information for a stop and the + button to read or write a review.

Next Steps

You've made it to the end of the tour! If you're thinking, "I can do that," then our work is done here. Safe travels, MileOn-er. 

If you'd like to dig deeper into any topics, please consult our MileOn Support Center about:

As always, enjoy the journey!