(Contact us if you would like to add this feature to your account.)

The Map Updates feature allows you to schedule which devices receive CoPilot map updates and when they receive them. This feature can help you monitor and control the amount of data your fleet's mobile devices consume for map updates. To set an update schedule, under the Configure Fleet Settings tab, select Map Updates.

To schedule updates:

  1. Under Schedule Map Updates, you will see devices are always updated by Oldest Map Data Versions First. This rule means Account Manager reviews all devices and updates the devices with the oldest map data first. You can also optionally check the box next to Exclude devices updated in the past months (optional) and select a timeframe for devices to exclude from updates.
  2. Select Settings for the updates, including how many devices to update, how frequently to update them, and when to start the updates.
  3. With your settings in place, Account Manager produces reports for the Current Period as well as estimated reports for the Next Period so you can monitor data consumption.


Once updates are scheduled, you can also turn on notifications to receive email updates. In the Manage Account tab, select Account Settings

Toggle on the Send notifications button, and enter your email address to receive notifications.