Driver Groups help fleets organize groups of drivers in RouteReporter, a CoPilot add-on application for driver compliance reporting. 

You will only see a Driver Groups page if your fleet assigns CoPilot app licenses to drivers.

How to create Driver Groups

Click Configure Fleet Settings in the left menu > Driver Groups to get started. The Drivers Groups page loads with a list of your existing driver groups, if any.  

To create a Vehicle Group:

  • Click the New Driver Group button on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter a name for your driver group in the Enter Driver Group Name field.
  • Click the Save & Continue button.
  • In the New Driver Group dialog, select the checkbox next to each driver you want to assign to the group. 
  • Click the Save & Continue button and Done to finish.

CoPilot settings

For driver-based fleets, CoPilot uses the default settings for any Vehicle Routing Profiles, Configuration Profiles, Map Sets, Route Modifiers, and Custom Place set in Account Manager.