(Requires CoPilot 10.19 or later)

Map sets are subsets of map data in the U.S., Canada, and Europe that you can assign to only the vehicle groups that require those maps. This feature can help save disk space on your devices running CoPilot, and it can reduce the time and wireless data needed to download maps and map updates.

Click Configure Fleet Settings in the left menu > Map Sets to get started. The Map Sets page loads with a list of your existing profiles, if any. 

To create a Map Set:

Step 1: Select your map regions

  • Click the Create Map Set button.
  • When the Create Map Set dialog opens, enter a name for your map set in the Map Set Name field.
  • Select the Set as Default checkbox to assign this Map Set as the default set for new vehicle groups you create, as well as devices that do not belong to any vehicle groups.
  • Select the checkboxes next to each geographical subregion, province, or state you want to include in the map set. For example, in North America, a subregion could be a region of the country (i.e. Midwest) or an individual state or province (i.e. New Jersey or Alberta). By default, you can include up to five subregions in a Map Set, but that number can be increased (up to 10) or decreased at the account level. Contact us if you would like to update that setting.
  • Click the Save button.

Step 2: Assign the Map Set to Vehicle Groups

  • Once you have created your Map Set, select the checkbox next to each Vehicle Group you want to assign to it. You will not be able to assign a new Map Set to a Vehicle Group if that group's sets exceed your fleet's limit of sub map regions. 
  • Click the Save & Continue button.
  • Click Done.