With the growing number of state and local restrictions due to COVID-19, we know it is becoming increasingly difficult for professional drivers to find rest stops that are open for business.

As part of its trip planning features, MileOn suggests rest stops along the route when you create a trip. During the COVID-19 crisis, our data team is now working every day to try to ensure that MileOn only offers rest stops that are, in fact, still open. Rest stops known to be closed will be filtered out of MileOn's search. We are also updating information about amenities at stops that are open. To take advantage of this improved data:

Premium MileOn Users. No changes are necessary. This new data will automatically be available in MileOn.

Basic MileOn Users (Including New Users). Please follow the steps below to take advantage of this new data for the next 60 days.

  1. Log out of your account. To log out, tap the hamburger menu button, tap your username or email address, and tap Log Out
  2. Open MileOn again and tap Join Company Account.
  3. Enter your Email and Password, and enter BESAFE under Company ID.
  4. Tap Join and start planning your trips.