If your account is enabled for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) integration with one of our partners, then when you log into Account Manager, you will see all of your assets retrieved directly from the ELD cloud under the Assets panel. Your available products (CoPilot, MileOn, or both) and corresponding licensing information will be displayed under the Overview panel. 

An importer will run periodically in the background and will retrieve any changes made to the assets from the ELD cloud, and these will be reflected in the Account Manager during subsequent logins.

The screen capture below shows how the Account Manager home screen will look like after logging into accounts with ELD integration. All the imported assets will be in Unassigned status.

After a license is assigned to an asset, the Status column will show Assigned and the grayed out Invite button will be enabled.

Clicking on the Invite button will send the CoPilot or MileOn application download/activation link to the asset’s email address. After the asset installs and activates the app, the license Status will be updated to Activated in the Account Manager.