The Account Manager provides an easy way for fleets of all sizes to buy multiple licenses for CoPilot Truck with ActiveTraffic and MileOn and distribute the apps to drivers for use in trip planning and navigation. The site ensures you get the most out of the apps you purchase by allowing you to:

  • Assign licenses to specific users, who then follow simple e-mail instructions to install the apps.  

  • Remove licenses from users or transfer them to new users as your staffing changes.

  • Know when users install the apps.

Getting Started 

With our Account Manager site, you can quickly get your fleet up-and-running on CoPilot Truck or MileOn.

  • Step 1: Contact Trimble MAPS sales to purchase as many app licenses as you need for CoPilot Truck, MileOn, or both. 
  • Step 2: Login to the Account Manager, view your available licenses and assign those licenses to individual users or devices.
  • Step 3: Users receive a notification by e-mail that walks them through how to install the app on their mobile devices.