MileOn offers professional drivers the opportunity to work together to share parking availability and other information about rest stops. 

This information is submitted anonymously by MileOn users. Your participation is appreciated to help keep your fellow "MileOn-ers" up to date!

View Parking Availability 

1. Tap the rest or truck stop in the Plan screen.

2. In the Suggested Rest Stops or Stop Details screen, you will see a parking  icon. It will be one of four colors:

Green = Lots of Parking

Yellow = Some Parking
Red = Limited Parking

Grey = No Current Information Available

3. Tap the parking icon to pull up more information about the rest stop, including amenities and a time stamp for how long ago the parking information was submitted. 

Submit Parking Information 

Once you have arrived at a rest stop, you can update parking information for other MileOn users.

Tap the name of the rest stop in the Plan screen. Scroll down, tap How's the Parking Now and choose a status based on current conditions. (You must be within two miles of a rest stop to provide parking feedback.)

Read or Submit a Rating or Review

If a rest stop doesn't have any ratings or reviews, tap the to add one. 

1. Tap the number of stars you would like give the stop.

2. You can then enter a review if you would like to provide other drivers with more details. (Be nice!)

3. Tap Post to submit your rating and review. (You can go back and edit your review by tapping the + sign again.)

If a rest stop does have ratings or reviews, tap the rating  to view more details.  Follow the steps above if you would like to submit your own review.